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If you seek to aggressively confront the strategic, financial and regulatory challenges that community banks now face, dbrok group is your partner.  Our proven industry expertise and collegial orientation leads our customers to see us as part of their management team.


We provide interim financial management resources during client transitions.  We supplement client skills and resources to help them achieve their goals.  We deliver specialized expertise to help clients address special regulatory requirements.  We support community bank boards and management teams in developing comprehensive assessments of their strategic options.


Contact us to see how we can help you gain better clarity, focus, and performance. 

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Today’s Financial Management in a Community Bank


The responsibilities of a community bank CFO have never been greater.  The days when a “cashier” could cover both the responsibilities of running operations and taking care of call reports and getting a financial report to the board each month are long past.


Primarily the CFO needs to be the senior financial analyst at a community bank providing fact-based analysis, perspective, and delivering a forward-looking finance and management information environment.  He should be focused on:

  • Being articulate about relating and explaining the current financial situation and outlook to his colleagues, the board, shareholders, and regulators

  • Identifying, analyzing, and helping to pursue business opportunities

  • Identifying, analyzing, and helping to mitigate risks

  • Leading capital planning and supporting the execution of capital plans and strategies


In addition, it is assumed that she will also be the in-house expert and be primarily responsible for the process of financial management and accounting and internal controls, including:

  • Timely and accurate accounting information and reporting

  • Balance sheet and liquidity management and monitoring

  • Coordination of regulatory and GAAP issues

  • Be the gate-keeper for any internal or external resources supporting internal controls or the validation of financial information


These responsibilities require an individual who is well-grounded in accounting, financial, and treasury management.  But, is also an individual who recognizes that are limits to the breadth and scope of even the most experienced CFO and is willing to cost-effectively supplement internal resources with specific external resources to ensure that the overall goals are delivered effectively.

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