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We Are Unique


How is dbrok group Different?


dbrok group understands the unique needs of community banks in this very competitive and changing environment. Every consultant has at least 25 years of direct experience in the financial services sector to provide added value to your resources in the following ways:


Customized Engagements.  dbrok works closely with your staff to identify your bank’s performance improvement opportunities. This ensures that action plans address specific needs and have targeted objectives.


Comprehensive Assessment.  Our consultants have a broad background in bank strategy and financial and treasury management, including systems, operations and information reporting. We are experienced in looking at the strategic issues across functions and departments.


An Integrated Approach. We recognize the impact that changes in financial management systems and procedures, expenses and profit goals, and asset/liability management have on the whole organization and its strategy.  dbrok works closely with your staff to ensure a smooth process of risk and opportunity identification, organizational ramifications and action execution.


Management Development. As needed, dbrok provides coaching and mentoring services to financial managers to build their expertise so that they can be knowledgeably proactive.


Objectivity and Independence.  Effective consultants are impartial in defining problems and generating solutions. Recent Sarbanes-Oxley legislation underscores the need for objectivity. Since dbrok group is an independent firm not selling audit services or investment products, you can rely on us being objectively focused on your needs and issues not ours.


Results Focus. Our efforts are geared towards helping you meet your business goals cost efficiently and effectively to improve profit performance and your customers’ satisfaction.


Collaboration. A key value we espouse is partnership; we work closely with our clients throughout our assignments, with mutual respect, shared objectives and the pursuit of excellence.


Change Management.  We work with you throughout the entire needs identification process and subsequent execution of action plans. We provide continued support as needed.

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